With over 30 years of combined legal practice in Chicago and the surrounding communities, Nery & Richardson is the right firm for you or your business, right now. Our attorneys specialize in residential and commercial real estate law, business and corporate law, estate planning law, bankruptcy law and litigation.

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Bensenville, IL

Nery & Richardson, LLC – Bensenville, IL

With more than 30 years of combined legal practice, Nery & Richardson is the ideal law firm to help you take care of any of a number of legal specialties in Bensenville. From real estate law to business and corporate law, estate planning law to bankruptcy law, our highly skilled attorneys can handle it all with an attention to detail you won’t find at any other Bensenville firm. Whether inside a courtroom or out, there’s no more qualified, more dependable team in the area than you’ll find at Nery & Richardson, and our consultations are free, so set an appointment for a time that’s right for you with no pressure and no obligation included.

The two lead attorneys at Nery & Richardson, David Richardson and Joseph F. Nery, bring a unique combination of aggressive legal tactics and solid legal decision-making to your legal matter. This mix of approaches ensures the strategy we develop for you fits your circumstances perfectly. So, you always get the results you’re expecting when you bring your legal matter to Nery & Richardson. Call (773) 582-7000 or use our contact form to get started today.

Our Legal Services

The legal minds at Nery & Richardson provide world-class legal solutions to Bensenville individuals and businesses alike. Our services are as reliable as they are effective and priced to allow anyone to get the legal assistance they need when they need it. Services include:

Real Estate Law – Bensenville, IL

Do you have a real estate transaction or real estate dispute in Bensenville that requires the services of an experienced legal team? Nery & Richardson can assist you with the finest, most impactful real estate law services in the area. No matter what assistance you need, be it help with sale or purchase of a property or the eviction of a problem tenant, our staff is standing by to provide the solutions you need to move ahead with whatever real estate matter you’re involved in. Our real estate legal services include the following:

  • Real Estate Transactions: Get the legal assistance you need with Bensenville Residential and commercial real estate contracts, Bensenville real estate and probate, Bensenville lease purchase agreements, Bensenville title and escrow agreements, Bensenville site development contracts and Bensenville deeds.

  • Real Estate Disputes: Our firm provides real estate dispute representation to assist clients with legal issues arising from Bensenville evictions, Bensenville permitting and variances, Bensenville site development contracts, Bensenville voluntary and involuntary liens, and Bensenville mediation, arbitration and civil litigation.

Don’t go into a real estate transaction or real estate dispute in Bensenville without a skilled legal team on your side, a team like the one available from Nery & Richardson. We can help you come out ahead in whatever real estate matter you’re considering and deliver spectacular results both inside and outside of the courtroom. Call (773) 582-7000 or use our contact form to schedule a free real estate law consultation in Bensenville at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Estate Planning Law – Bensenville, IL

Would you like the assistance of a reputable, experienced law firm with estate planning in Bensenville, Illinois? Nery & Richardson has been helping individuals with estate planning in Bensenville for more than 30 years and we can help you too – no matter the details of your estate. From wills and trusts to guardianship of minors, our estate planning services cover all of the bases and in order to protect what matters most to you after you’re gone. Our Bensenville estate planning services include the following:

  • Bensenville Wills
  • Bensenville Trusts
  • Bensenville Living Wills
  • Bensenville Fiduciary Duties
  • Bensenville Powers of Attorney
  • Bensenville Guardianship for Minors
  • Bensenville Overall Estate Planning

Estate planning is serious business and requires a serious legal team to get it right. In Bensenville, just as in the rest of West Chicago, Nery & Richardson is that legal team offering sound legal advice and proven recommendations to help you safeguard your assets and family when you’re no longer able to make those decisions yourself. Call (773) 582-7000 or use our contact form to schedule a free appointment with our team for a day and time that’s easiest for you.

Bankruptcy Law – Bensenville, IL

Are you buried under a mountain of debt? Student loans dragging you down? Been threatened with wage garnishment? Worried you could lose your home or car? Being harassed by creditors who won’t listen? Nery & Richardson can help you reduce or eliminate your debt and make a fresh financial start through bankruptcy. No matter how bad your situation is, or how much money you owe, our attorneys can assist you in filing bankruptcy the right way – even trying our best to save your assets in the process. Our bankruptcy services include:

  • Bensenville Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Sometimes known as a “liquidation”, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to wash away your personal debt by liquidating assets to provide payments to creditors. This is usually the simplest form of bankruptcy to file and offers some home and property exceptions, if filed correctly by Nery & Richardson.

  • Bensenville Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is meant to helps debtor restructure their debt and stay in operation while repaying the debt. It can help to spread debt out over time and set payment terms that allow the business to go forward and the creditors to be repaid during the process.

  • Bensenville Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Where a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be considered a liquidation, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep possession of your assets while you pay off your debt. Nery & Richardson can help you file Bensenville Chapter 13 where you’ll be able to discharge debts and maintain ownership of your home, your car and other assets.

At Nery & Richardson, we know that it can be tough to discuss your debt with a stranger, and that you may worry that your private information will become common knowledge, but you can put those worries aside when you call (773) 582-7000 or use our contact form to schedule a free and confidential consultation with our team. You’ll get sound legal advice about your bankruptcy options and none of your personal information will ever be available from our team. Your financial situation is no one’s business but your own and we keep it that way.

Business & Corporate Law – Bensenville, IL

Do you need the services of a qualified and experienced business and corporate law firm in Bensenville? The come to Nery & Richardson for the pinnacle of legal representation in the area. Our combined 30 years of experience handling business and corporate law cases makes us the right choice for whatever the details of your case. From the formation and incorporation of a business entity to change of ownership approvals, our staff can help you identify and secure the outcome you’re hoping for. Our business and corporate law services include:

  • Corporate Services: Bensenville Formation and Incorporation, Bensenville Limited Liability Companies, Bensenville Compliance, Bensenville Governance and Bensenville Nonprofit Organizations

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Bensenville Corporate Restructuring, Bensenville Management Buyouts, Bensenville Earn-outs and Bensenville Due Diligence

  • Government Contracts: Bensenville Small Business Issues, Bensenville Novations, Bensenville SBA Change of Ownership Approvals

  • Government Regulatory: Bensenville Exon-Florio Filings (CFIUS), Bensenville Import Export Control, Bensenville Security Clearances

  • Business Counseling: Bensenville Consulting Agreements, Bensenville Covenants Not to Compete, Bensenville Licenses, Bensenville Shareholder Agreements, Bensenville Shareholder Disputes

  • Employee Incentive Plans: Bensenville Stock Option Plans, Bensenville Equity Linked, Bensenville Employee Compensation Plans

  • Joint Ventures: Bensenville Strategic Alliance Agreements, Bensenville Commercial Joint Ventures, Bensenville Federal Procurement (including Small Business Programs)

  • Commercial: Bensenville Bank Financing, Bensenville Leases

Get outstanding legal representation from the most experienced and capable team in Bensenville when you come to Nery & Richardson for a free and confidential consultation. It starts with a call to (773) 582-7000 where you’ll have the opportunity to set an appointment for a time and day that’s best for you and your schedule. There’s no pressure or obligation to choose our firm, just honest answers about your specific circumstances.

Litigation – Bensenville, IL

Are you considering litigation in Bensenville? Do you want the services of an experienced litigator to help you secure the results you’re looking for? Nery & Richardson can help you with proven litigators and time-honed strategies designed to deliver your goals and objectives. From fraud claims to contract disputes, trade secret litigation to class actions, our staff is ready to assist you and provide the answers you need to make the best litigation decision for your circumstances. Our litigation services include:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Business Unfair Competition Litigation
  • Trade Secrets Litigation
  • Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Violations
  • Fraud/Fraudulent Inducement
  • Business Torts/Business Interference
  • Unfair Trade Practices/Consumer Protection Defense and Compliance
  • Class Actions
  • Securities Litigation/Securities Fraud Defense
  • Shareholder Derivative Litigation
  • M&A Transaction Disputes
  • Business Ownership/Partnership Disputes
  • Temporary Restraining Orders/Injunctions
  • Construction Litigation

Go into Bensenville litigation with confidence when you choose Nery & Richardson to represent you. Our unmatched experience make us the only choice in the area for dependable results and boutique-style attention, so call (773) 582-7000 or use our contact form to set an appointment with our team for a time that’s most convenient for you. We’ll be ready when you are to provide legal advice and recommendations for your case.

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