With over 30 years of combined legal practice in Chicago and the surrounding communities, Nery & Richardson is the right firm for you or your business, right now. Our attorneys specialize in residential and commercial real estate law, business and corporate law, estate planning law, bankruptcy law and litigation.

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We’ve learned a lot by listening to our clients

We’ve learned a lot by listening to our clients

At Nery & Richardson, we listen to our clients from the first moment they contact us until the last moment they need our assistance. It’s the cornerstone of everything we do – listening. Believe it or not, something so elemental, so simple, so obvious is what sets us apart from the rest of the firms in Chicagoland. Most are simply concerned with landing your business. They’ll say whatever needs to be said to capture your interest and make whatever promises are necessary to seal the deal.

We take a different approach at Nery & Richardson. We allow our clients to lead the conversation, to direct our efforts and to set expectations. Why wouldn’t we? It’s their legal matter at hand and their money at stake. They have every right to lead the charge and it’s our duty to steer them in the right direction – not to dictate terms but to mold goals and objectives into an achievable goal. That’s what 30+ years of listening to clients has given us – a better understanding of what successful representation demands.

Luckily, our clients can get a range of legal assistance from our award-winning team. That means they have to shop for legal counsel less and can focus on what’s most important – their aims. Our legal specialties include:

When you need a reputable, capable law firm on your side – one that’s willing to listen closely to your needs, your requirements, your hesitations and your goals – then you need the unmatched legal minds at Nery & Richardson, LLC. With more than three decades of combined experience, that’s 30+ years of listening to our clients, we’re the right legal team for your legal needs, right now. Call (773) 582-7000 or use our contact form to schedule a confidential consultation at a time that’s right for you.