With over 30 years of combined legal practice in Chicago and the surrounding communities, Nery & Richardson is the right firm for you or your business, right now. Our attorneys specialize in residential and commercial real estate law, business and corporate law, estate planning law, bankruptcy law and litigation.

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Bankruptcy Law


Chicago Bankruptcy Law

When you need an experienced legal team to discuss your bankruptcy options, you want the 30+ years of combined expertise you’ll find at Nery & Richardson, LLC. Our knowledgeable and discrete team will answer all your bankruptcy questions and assist you in making the best decision for yourself, your family, and your business ventures. Our confidential consultations deliver sound advice from serious professionals. We focus on giving clients a fresh financial start through Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stand by them throughout the process.

Choose Nery & Richardson, LLC and you’ll never be without the skilled representation you need. All it takes to schedule your confidential bankruptcy consultation is a call to (773) 582-7000. Our friendly staff will help you choose the best time and date for your visit to one of our three Chicago office locations.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Illinois? Then you’ll need the unparalleled legal services of Nery & Richardson, LLC to ensure you’re fully protected throughout the process. With more than three decades’ experience working with individuals and families to wipe away debt, our attorneys understand how to best navigate the filing process to safeguard what matters most to you. In fact, Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing can help with:

  • Debt Forgiveness
  • Home & Property Exemptions
  • End Creditor Harassment

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Nery & Richardson, LLC offers world-class legal assistance for Chapter 11 bankruptcies in Chicago and its surrounding communities. Our highly experienced attorneys can help reorganize a debtor’s affairs, their debt and their assets – protecting them while restructuring takes place. If you’re on the ropes financially, and need help getting back in the ring, Nery & Richardson, LLC can help you dust yourself off and get back in the game without losing everything in the process. Chapter 11 bankruptcy gives you the power to:

  • Keep operating while paying back debt.
  • Restructure secured debt to lower and spread out payments.
  • Get an automatic stay judgement which stops harassment from creditors.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Where a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is considered a liquidation, Chapter 13 allows you to keep your assets – such as your home – while you pay off your debts. Nery & Richardson, LLC specializes in assisting clients with Chapter 13 bankruptcies and brings more than 30 years of combined experience to your filing. We’ll help you avoid foreclosure and design a repayment plan that fits your specific needs and income. Chapter 13 offers the following benefits to clients:

  • Create a unique repayment plan that fits.
  • Discharge debts you can’t pay in full.
  • Stop home foreclosure.

Additional Practice Areas

The unmatched legal minds at Nery & Richardson, LLC offer a range of legal services meant to assist our clients in their personal and business ventures. With bilingual staff and a convenient office location, it’s as easy as it is effective to choose our firm for your needs. We offer:

  • Business & Corporate Law: Nery & Richardson, LLC offers the finest legal representation and consulting for corporate and business concerns across the Chicagoland area. Our three offices allow us to meet with small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate interests where most convenient for them.
  • Estate Planning Law: The legal experts at Nery & Richardson, LLC provide clients with impeccable service in all aspects of estate planning, advising them on how to transfer assets most effectively after death and how to deal with the probate process in an inexpensive and expedited manner.

  • Real Estate Law: In Chicago, you need a great real estate attorney when it’s time to make that big deal. Nery & Richardson, LLC counsels clients on all aspects of buying, selling and leasing residential and commercial real estate. Our bilingual attorneys will help iron out any issues you may face.

  • Litigation: Nery & Richardson specializes in dispute resolution on behalf of individuals, small businesses and large corporations, with particular emphasis on real estate matters, landlord-tenant disputes and collections matters.

Our Chicago Law Office

Nery & Richardson, LLC is located on Chicago’s West Side. If you’d like to schedule a legal consultation with our team, call the office and set up the best time with our bilingual staff. We’ll provide all the answers you need to make the best legal decision for you or your business.

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30+ Years of Combined Experience

Nery & Richardson prides itself on providing the same quality of work and attention to detail as Chicago’s leading law firms, but at more reasonable rates and with the attention to client service only a smaller firm can provide. With one call to (773) 582-7000, our bilingual staff will help you find the ideal course of action for your specific legal matter and work closely with you to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Yes, you can. Our friendly staff is standing by to assist you in finding the ideal time for a visit with one of our world-class attorneys. During the meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to get honest answers about bankruptcy options.

Bankruptcy will impact your credit score. There’s no denying that. But, most people actually see their credit rebound after bankruptcy. After all, getting debt tied to credit under control was what bankruptcy was intended for.

This all depends on your situation. Are you an individual or business? Do you have assets to protect or are you simply trying to eliminate debt? These questions will provide the details we need to give you an answer. That’s what a consultation is for.